1,351 Healthcare Professionals have listed their social network connections as of January 15, 2013

HealthTechnica.com has been working diligently to create a list of Healthcare Professional’s Social Media contacts. This list is provided for free for anyone that is attempting to connect with others in the Healthcare field. We hope this information is useful to you.

We have listed the Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and national location of all who submit to our list. We welcome your input for any additions or changes to the list. We ask that you do not copy this list directly, but you are welcome to link to it. If you are listed, we would appreciate (but do not require) a link back from your websites. This information is provided with the hope of creating a larger community.  Learn about the many ways social media is being used in healthcare.

You have two ways to view this information.  First, via the categories below (via tables). Second, via Wiki.

If you are not on the list, you can add yourself here.

Healthcare Professional Categories

The following categories are built from the thousand+ health care professionals that have submitted their social network connections. Anyone that submits their information to our directory is allowed to list themselves in whichever category (or submit a new one) that makes the most sense for what they do.
AcademicAddictionAdministrationAllergyAlternative Medicine
ConsultantsConsumer ServicesCost SavingsConnectologistsClinical Social Media
Clinical Trial RecruitmentComplianceCritical CareDiabetesDentistry
DermatologyDialysisDisability ServicesDisease TrackingDoctors
EditorialEducatorsENTEntrepreneursEmergency Services
E-PatientEpidemiologyEvidence Based MedicineFamily PracticeFinance
General Health CareGeneticsGenomicsGeneral CommunitiesGeneral Surgery
GerontologyGraphic DesignHealth 2.0Health DesignHealth Finance
Health InsuranceHealth InteroperabilityHealth ITHealth Real EstateHealth Recruiting
Health ResearchHealth SecurityHealth StaffingHealth QualityHospital Relations
Hospice CareHospital Web ManagementHuman ResourcesHumorICT
InfertilityInfection ControlImmunologyInteroperabilityInformation Therapy
InformaticsInternal MedicineInternational SurgeryJournalistKnowledge Management
Laboratory MedicineLeadershipLegalLibrarianLife Coach
LocumsLong Term CareManagementMassage TherapyMarketing / Communications
Maternal-Fetal MedicineMedical ApparelMedical BillingMedical ConsultingMedical Library
Medical ReimbursementMedical EducationMedical EnvironmentMedical LawMedical Equipment
Medical ImagingMedical JournalismMedical PublishingMedical PracticeMedical Recruiting
Medical ReferralsMedical RevenueMedical TerminologyMedical TravelMedication Safety
Mental HealthMuscular SclerosisNational CareNatural MedicineNephrologist
NutritionistOB-GYNOccupational TherapyOncology HematologyOphthalmology
OptometryOrganizationsOrthopedicsOutpatient ServicesPatient Empowerment
ParamedicPatient MarkingPediatricsPerformance ImprovementPharmacovigilance
PharmaPharmacyPhilanthropistPhysical TherapyPhysician
Physician StaffingPodiatryPsychiatryPlastic SurgeryPreventative Medicine
Primary CareProcess ImprovementProject ManagementPsychiatristPsycho-pharmacology
PsychiatryPlastic SurgeryPreventative MedicinePrimary CareProcess Improvement
Project ManagementPTSDPublic HealthPulmonologyRadio
RadiologyResearchRespiratory TherapyResourcesRehab
RheumatologyScientific & Medical AnimationStandardsStudentSurgery
TelemedicineTissue ServicesTraining DevelopmentTranscriptionUrology
USMLEWellnessWomen's Issues

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If you are not on the list, you can add yourself here.